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Our Mission

Our Mission

Millions of children in the world who are suffering with clubfoot could be saved through a miracle cure that costs just $250.

The only reason these children haven’t been helped is because they are so poor, they cannot afford the $250 cure that will change their life.

FirstStep was created to help these children.

The way we do it is unique

We empower local doctors in developing countries.

Instead of sending American doctors on 2-week missions, FirstStep empowers local doctors in developing countries through free training, equipment and crucial financial support. This is the smartest, most cost-effective way to deliver treatment in developing countries and the ONLY way to help very poor but proud communities become self-sufficient.

We set high standards for safety and quality.

The safety of our patients is always our #1 priority. Our safety and quality protocols ensure our patients receive the best care possible. We audit results and we help provide free training for all of our partners.

We help children no one else will help.

We work in the poorest countries in the world. We tackle problems no one else will touch. We go to places other charities won’t go. We help children who have been waiting for years for the miracle cure that can save them.